Programmable ANSI keyboard software for Windows 10 computer

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Programmable keyboard software
for Windows 10 (32/64-bit).

Hello friend, and thank you for your interest in dnaspider.exe 🙏.

🥁 Introducing dnaspider.exe programmable keyboard software! Tweak and execute simple ⌨ and 🖱 functionality to your liking. Use this functionality to accelerate through daily tasks like a pro. With the help of dnaspider.exe, you will have the ability to strategically execute your custom built functionality seamlessly.

How it works

dnaspider.exe builds a strand from keyboard keys you press…
strand: t
strand: te
strand: tes
strand: test
strand: *found*
This input strand is the text that dnaspider.exe looks for in the beginning of each line in db.txt. If found, the program executes the trailing text. We’ll call this trailing text the output which is the code we’ll write which simulates keyboard and mouse functionality as instructed.

In the following example the output code looks like this <bs4>hi<shift><left2><shift-> which pretty much says “programmatically press backspace four times, press h, press i, press (hold) shift, press left arrow twice (to select hi), release shift”.

The whole code looks like this and c:\dna\db.txt is the database where we’ll be building and storing our algos:
The : glues the input and output together (input:output). We can also use - > <whatever:> or <whatever-> to glue it together.

Input strand and trailing output must be saved in c:/dna/db.txt for the program to execute/run.

In order to run, have a clear strand first by toggle right_ctrl backspace or shift + pause_break then simply input the strand t e s t in a text area for the effect.

After running the code once you can press scroll lock or escape + equal to repeat the output.

Lets adjust the code a bit and save.
The - glues it together now. Press t in a text area to run. Notice the - sign auto backspaces the t.

Say if you want both to work, make the following changes in c:/dna/se.txt using Notepad or VSCode.
CloseCtrlMode: 1
Press ctrl + s to save se.txt.

If using an editor other than Notepad or VSCode, press right_ctrl s e or restart the program to update the settings.

Now to run, press right_ctrl or escape + comma after the input (t right_ctrl or t e s t right_ctrl).


hello h:ello h-hello h>ello <h:ello <h-hello <h>ello <h:>ello <h->hello


Browse the Wiki for information pertaining to the programs API, Settings, Database, and Interface commands.


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Open project file dnaspider.vcxproj in Visual Studio to view, tweak, and build.